Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Latest Obsessions

 Maybelline Color Sensational Color Whisper Lipcolor in "Bare to be Bold". It's a perfect nude color that goes on like lipstick but feels much smoother and adds a little gloss! [I'm equally obsessed with their Oh La Lilac, too]
These Charlotte Russe sandals --as seen on my Instagram-- that I also bought in black. & I also bought these. & these... I mean, a girl needs options >> bag from Old Navy.
Recycled some pages out of my 2013 Brittany Fuson planner. This 2014 calendar page is perfect to highlight important dates with erasable markers >> frame and stand from Joann.
 No bake energy bites! I have seen them on Pinterest numerous times but never got around to making them & I'm so glad I finally did! Just one of them curbs any sweet tooth you're having, plus, they're super easy to make & they're really not that bad for you ;) I used this recipe [minus the chia seeds because I didn't have any] with mini chocolate chips --which was my favorite-- and this recipe, minus the flour [you could also add protein powder] & apple sauce, with butterscotch chips and sugar free syrup...which made around 35 bites.
 This sequined pencil skirt from Target. I tried it on when it first hit stores and none of the sizes fit me very well. It was finally reduced to $15 and I thought the quality of the skirt was pretty good so I bought it & paid $25 to have it altered. Now it fits perfectly & still didn't break the bank!


  1. I think I'll have to get those sandals!! :)


  2. Ahh gimme that skirt!! So cute--and I am loving the dry erase calendar idea--that is genius :) I have also been wanting to try energy bites--mainly because I am trying to eat cleaner but still totally craving something a little naughty--those might just do the trick!


  3. That skirt is gorgeous! Such a fun post to read :)


  4. I want that skirt! It's so cute!

    ~ Mckenzie xx

  5. Love these. In love with those shoes, bag and lipstick. And love the calendar idea!

  6. Love those CR sandals!! I have the heel version and I'm obsessed too!! I need to try those no bake energy bits they look yummy and I need energy!

    <3 Shannon

  7. Oh I love this post! That lipstick is such a pretty shade.



  8. Oh what a great post full of interesting pictures! I love that beautiful shade of lipstick in the first pic, and your sandals are so lovely! And your calendar is so fancy in that suspended frame holder! Lastly, that sequined skirt looks fabulous, hope you get to wear it lots to fancy parties this summer :)

    xx Debbie



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