Thursday, May 1, 2014

DIY: Studded Sneakers

Just like my previous DIY, this DIY was another result from Pinterest browsing, and after I was at Target and saw that these sneakers were only $17 [and BOGO], I just had to do it!

What you'll need:
  • Pair of sneakers [or any other type of shoe, really]
  • Studs, spikes, rhinestones [whichever you prefer]. I ordered 300 [and used 208] 8mm studs off Ebay for $14. You can find the same style here.
  • Craft Glue [I used E6000]
Step 1: Decide where you want to place the studs. I chose to do the sides, but I also think the front and the back of the shoe would look cool.
Step 2: Place a thin strip of glue wherever you want your first row of studs on the shoe [I found that trying to put glue on the back of each stud not only takes forever but gets messy] and apply stud. Continue this for every row until you've reached your desired amount of fanciness!

*Tip: line studs up and figure out placement before gluing each row.
 Tadaaaa!!! I'm so pleased with how they turned out! I decided to stop where I did because the studs were starting to not line up how I wanted them to... not that anyone else would notice but I have OCD issues.
I haven't gotten the chance to model these yet but I'm sure you'll be seeing them real soon. Now I need to order a couple hundred more studs so I can fancy this pair up ;)


  1. Totally obsessed! Cannot believe you did this yourself--and love the tip about the glue. When I do DIY I need people to spell it out with helpful hints or else I always have an epic fail ha! Can't wait to try this :)


    1. Haha! Yes, you should definitely try this DIY, Tori --I have faith in you ;)

  2. Cutest DIY ever. I just love how you styled these up!

    1. Thanks so much, Johanna! I can't wait to fancy up another pair!


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