Friday, November 15, 2013

Weekend Wear

 I ordered this jacket along with this one during the black Friday sale a few years back while I was in Washington, Kansas visiting Jeremy's family. As shopping is limited there, I snuck to the basement to do some online shopping. Jeremy and I were being such dorks [as he was telling me I looked like Peter Pan] during this "photo shoot" that I totally forgot to have him take a picture of my favorite part of the jacket --the quilted shoulders! By now, you all know I have a thing for anything quilted.
During the same Kansas trip, Jeremy's sisters, his mom, and I popped into a few boutiques located in a nearby town of Washington. I saw this purse and thought it was super cute but decided to pass after the damage I had already done on the computer. Little did I know, one of Jeremy's sisters told him I liked the purse and he went back to the boutique and surprised me with it when we got back home [thanks, honey!]. I always have a turquoise scarf tied to it to add a little pop but it wasn't quite working with this outfit.
 These boots probably don't look the most comfortable but I'll tell ya' what... they are! I ran errands all day in these and forgot I was even wearing heels.
 Sweater: Target [similar here & here] | Denim: H&M | Jacket: Express [similar here, here, here] | Necklace: Windsor, Vintage [similar here] | Ring: Piperlime [similar here] | Watch: Michael Kors | Hat: Target [similar here] | Bag: local boutique | Shoes: Charlotte Russe [similar here]

We're actually heading back to visit Kansas next week. After that, the rest of the year is going to fly by! After we return, my little brother, his sister, and her kids will be visiting from Texas for Thanksgiving. The following week, I have finals and the week after that I will be leaving for vacation. When we return, it's Christmas then NYE. 
Holy. Cow. 
It will be busy but I can't wait to/for: spend time with family, feast, shop on Black Friday, bring a tan back from Mexico, not worry about homework for a month, one of my best friends to have her baby, put up the Christmas tree, wear sequins and cocktail dresses, celebrate with festive drinks and bubbly, etc. Yippeeeee!


  1. We're going to Mexico (Cabo) the day after Christmas :) Can't wait to get some R&R on the beach, after the Holidays! You look fab!


    1. Fun! We're going to Mexico, too! Mazatlan to be exact!

  2. Love this outfit! Don't know which one I love more, the jacket or the bag!!!!

  3. love this look! the hat is so fun!

    love from San Francisco,

  4. Super sexy jacket! Love your boots! Have fun on your trip!
    Kat |

    1. Thanks, Kat! I can't waaaait for vacation --& warm weather!


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