Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Shoesday Tuesday

I've told you guys over and over and over again how much I love Charlotte Russe's shoe selection; totally fab and totally affordable. I died when I saw these Barbara Bui ankle booties but wasn't fond of the $445 price tag, plus they were sold out everywhere, as they were from 2011 [you can see them on Annabelle from Viva Luxury here]. Low and behold: Charlotte Russe got a very similar pair in stock that has a little something extra --a cap toe. Maj.

Barbara Bui Look-Alikes
Miranda Kerr image via Cosmopolitan

 Buy them here.
Hurry! They're 30% off today, plus use coupon code STURATE13 for an additional 10% off. Thirty bucks? They're mine.


  1. omg i love their shoes! i have to go get these tomorrow!

  2. Love to come across bloggers that don't feel the need to spend $400+ on one item either!
    Kat | www.poshbykat.com

  3. Great find!! I'll take saving over splurging any day! {You get more stuff that way, right?!}



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