Friday, October 25, 2013

BDIB: Wool Coats

 When I saw that my first Bloggers Do It Better challenge was to feature wool coats [which couldn't have come at a better time as the temps dropped drastically this week] I immediately thought of this red coat that's been hiding out in the back of my closet.
When it comes to winter coats, it seems that often times, many people reach for black, navy, or tan. Coats can be quite the investment so I totally understand this; you want to get the most bang, or in this case, wear for your buck. However, while you're commuting in the colder months, your coat [& fab shoes, of course] is all that people see. Who wants to blend in with a crowd full of navy and black coats? Make yourself stand out and go with a bold color or print!
Tip: if your coat comes with a wrap around belt and you plan on wearing the coat open or "just for the look", button the coat, pull the belt behind your back and tie it in a knot or bow, then unbutton the coat. This brings the coat in at the waist and doesn't make it look as bulky.
 This coat was a Target find at the end of last season for 50% off ($30!). As much as it kills me to buy something at the end of the season and not be able to wear it right away, I love the thrill of ripping the tags off months later. It's like shopping without spending the money! No?
 Sweater: Old Navy | Chambray: Kohl's [similar here] | Coated Denim: H&M [similar here & here] | Necklace: Sequin from Macy's | Bow Ring: LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's [similar here] | Bracelets: LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's [similar here] | Bag: Nila Anthony via TJMaxx [similar here & here] | Coat: Target [similar here & here] | Heels: JCPenney [similar here & here]

If you've already purchased your winter coat and it happens to be black, navy, or tan, no worries! Those are all fabulous [I own too many]. A fun way to add a personal touch or that little something extra is to pin on a brooch or wear a scarf with a pop of color. Both of these can make it look like you have a different coat on every wear!

Here are five super chic and affordable options all from SheInside:

Also diggin' this fuchsia one from Target, and this leopard one.

... & I recently purchased this one.

Heck, maybe I am a cold weather kinda gal after all!


  1. I LOVE the color of this coat, and I'm the same way about buying "off season" and not being able to wear it immediately. Half the fun of shopping is instant gratification! The styling was spot on too! So cute!!!

    1. Thanks, Adriele! Obviously the wait doesn't stop me from the purchase ;D I can't say no to a good deal!

  2. I can't believe that coat was 30 dollars wow! I like a coat that makes a statement. I believe that once you have your essential camel, black or brown coat it's time to add some color or pattern.


    1. Right? The color pulled me in but the price tag insisted that it needed to come home with me :)

  3. Great coat and love that cute sweater.
    Visiting from BDIB.

  4. Red is such a classic color, and high five for finding such a great one on SALE! Also, love that sweater.
    Visiting from BDIB

  5. That bow bag is just ADORBS and you have totally nailed the sweater layering. I get so weird when it comes to layering sweaters because I feel like it makes me look so top heavy, but you look phenom.

    Pursuit of Shoes

    1. Thanks, Ashley. I know the feeling..I had THREE shirts on lol! I think the key is just finding super thin sweaters that don't add as much bulk ;)

  6. OHHHHH my....! That red coat! Super cute outfit!
    Kat |

  7. love your outfit! what a gorgeous red coat!
    xx Vera & Rony

  8. I'm new to blogging and I just stumbled upon your blog, and enjoying it so far. I love your coat!


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