Monday, September 23, 2013



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Remember back in this post when I told you that if I miss out on a shoe from Zara, I can almost always find a very similar pair at Charlotte Russe? After browsing their website last Shoesday Tuesday, I was noticing just how many look-alikes they have right now. The best part? None of them are priced over $39 -- fabulous!

As I'm sure most of you noticed recently, when Target has designer collaborations, shit sells out... fast. So for all of you girls who still aren't sleeping because your shoe-drobe missed out on Prabal Gurung's black lace up heels, you can finally get some shut eye.

And how amazing are the Gucci look-alikes? Haaaaawwwwt [sing that out loud in a really high pitched voice to get the full effect]! Pretty spot on, I'd say. Charlotte's website had a white pair but the only colors left now are black and nude. Either way, you're getting the same look for much, much less.

Searching for the perfect pair of flats? These d'orsay flats are another Zara look-alike. Note: they run a full size & a half too big [insane]. Totes took three shipments to finally order the correct size, and I still think I could've gone down another half size... you'll have that.

Also, I ordered down half a size with shoe number 5.
Charlotte is offering 20% off site-wide today so happy shopping, ladies!

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