Monday, May 19, 2014

Senior Pics

These pictures were taken last Monday, on my last day of school [ever!], so the title of this post just made sense. Plus, most of the pictures are so incredibly cheesy [since my mother and I can't be serious together] that I couldn't help but think of when I had my senior pictures taken. Lots of embellished jeans, tied crop tops, and denim mini skirts were involved. Good times.
I wore this same outfit a few weeks ago to meet two of my best friends for dinner. Instead of these Sperry's, I wore these brown strappy heels. Of course, I liked the look with heels better but I wasn't allowing that as an option for strutting around campus.
 Top: Joe Fresh via JCPenney | Denim: American Eagle [similar here] | Earrings: LC Lauren Conrad | Necklaces: Windsor [similar here], H&M | Bracelets: Luxe Craving, Sira & Mara, J.Crew, Kohl's | Rings: H&M | Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider [similar here, here, here]

 While we're chatting about senior pictures, here's a throwback of one with my first little baby, Bella, who happens to be Chloe & Bentley's mom, and who also happens to turn 9 tomorrow! :D


  1. OMGSHHH that little pug puppy pic--I can't even take all the cuteness in that picture :) And You look fabulous as well--Congrats on graduation--that has to feel ahhhmazing :)


    1. Right?! Bella is just the cutest little girl, ever.. aside from other dog daughter Chloe ;)
      & yes, graduating sure does feel amazing! It hasn't really set in yet that I am DONE with school.. because I feel like I was there forrrrrever! lol.
      Thanks so much, Tori!

  2. Your Tbt picture is so cute. Love the mix of gingham print and leopard print. Nice necklace too and congratulations. It'll soon be my turn, tomorrow is my last exam, I thank God.

    1. Wooohooo! Congrats, Sarah! :D
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Great outfit :) and I love your vans <3

  4. Great pictures - love all of the accessories!


  5. these photos are gorgeous, love the outfit!


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