Wednesday, October 9, 2013


 Tweed & leather >> two of my favorite things. I feel that both instantly make an outfit look more expensive than it really is. You don't necessarily have to wear both of them together, like I did, to achieve the look, but give it a go if you'd like! A tweed jacket makes boyfriend jeans and a pair of heels look super chic, while leather adds the perfect amount of edge to any outfit.
Want a new take on the LBD? Try a LBR! I scored this one from Zara for $40 when I was in Florida this past summer. I rarely try on rompers [any tall girls out there, I'm sure you understand] but this one was too good to pass up. To my surprise, I tried this beaut on and no CT. I repeat: no CT.. you follow? At 5'9", it's almost impossible for a romper to fit without the dreaded CT. Moving on...
The downside to this romper is that it zips all the way up the back, meaning: it can only be worn on GNO because someone must zip you in and out of it when making trips to the ladies' room [unless you've got good reach and are extremely flexible]. Oh well, totally worth it. I wore it out the last time I was in Chicago with a gold plated belt, minimal gold jewelry, leopard clutch, and my Zara ankle strap heels. Pretty hot, if you ask me... but I also love how it looks covered up and more conservative here. I may have liked one of my gray tweed jackets and black pumps with this romper better but do you ever have those days when there's something in your closet that you just have to wear that day? That's how I was yesterday with the jacket, romper, and heels... I was out the door without giving it much more thought than that :D
 The jacket was a $10 find at H&M and is super great because it has zippers at the wrists. You know, that awkward moment when you want to take your jacket off when sitting down for dinner, or walk into a party and try removing your jacket but the massive arm party surrounding your wrists doesn't allow it? The cute little zippers prevent those awkward, embarrassing moments.
Jacket: H&M [cute ones here, here, here]| Faux Leather Romper: Zara [similar here, here, here; also love this] | Earrings: F21 [similar here] | Necklaces: Vintage [similar here] | Rings: H&M, Thrifted | Bracelets: Sira & Mara, J.Crew Factory | Watch: Michael Kors | Sunnies: Target | Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target | Heels: Windsor

Also, when buying faux leather pieces, make sure it doesn't look super shiny. This causes it to look cheap and plastic[y]. Mine may appear a little shiny in some of these photos because of the lighting but it's actually a good quality piece in person. Try looking for faux leather with more of a matte finish!


  1. perfect look! XoXo

    I waiting for you on my blog!!

  2. Beautiful outfit! Im obsessing over the jacket, blazer and heels.


  3. This is beyond adorable!! I def want to try out the leather trend of shorts...throw it on with that tweed jacket and you make it look so chic!! wow awesome job styling this look!!


  4. Not quite sure how I am just finding out about this here blog of yours, but...I am now a follower! About those shoes... Are they comfy?



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