Tuesday, October 14, 2014


If you haven't heard already, Shopbop is having their Friends & Family sale this week. What does that mean to you? That means you can finally buy all those pricey things that never go on sale you've had your eye on! All you have to do is use code FAMILY25 at checkout! Now, there are certain brand exclusions but we all know we're too broke for those brands anyway. Wait, am I the only one who's poor? Oh... :||||

Loving all of these watches. I have the gold oversized Michael Kors watch and it's worth every penny. I wear it all the time. I think my next watch will be the silver/gold combo below...

Love these bags, wallets, and card cases... & one of the fanciest fanny packs I've ever seen!

...because graphic tees are necessary & a girl needs clothes!

...because the sun is really bright on Sundays.

So anywho-- even if you aren't digging my picks, now is a great time to buy all those items you know you'll wear over and over again! What are those? Ahhh, investment pieces is what they're called --aka a teensy bit more expensive than yewsh [you know, like usual but shortened. Someone needs to think of a proper spelling of that. "It is a difficult word to shorten properly in print." --indeed it is, Laura!]-- but you've got a code for 25% off so it's fiiine! Though, I know quite a few of these are just wishful thinking on my end, I know for a fact I will be purchasing these Wellies because I've been wanting a pair for years and they're never on sale aaand YOLO. [*update: they are an excluded brand from the sale. Ughhh.]

Oh, and then there's all those cutesy things you know you don't need but can't live without...

Hurry! Sale ends Thursday at 11:59 (PT)!


  1. Lovely picks! My favorite watch just broke recently (*cries*) so I'm on the hunt for a new watch, much like the picks you have here! xx

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad , a fashion & social action blog

    1. Oh no! Well hopefully you took advantage of the sales yesterday ;)
      Thanks for stopping by, Hoda!

  2. Hello Beautiful Deanna and thanks for letting me know because I DID NOT know! Love all your picks so I am going to check the store out! YOLO! xoxo, Jeannette


    1. Haha! YOLO is my motto when I'm shopping for suuuure.
      Thanks, Jeannette!

  3. Hello dear,
    thank you so much for leaving comment on my blog :)
    This jacket is beautiful..and your picks for M.Kors. Just like I love!
    By the way, you are really beautiful :)



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