Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Malibu Bows

So we're skipping an outfit post today as I have been dying to share this clutch with all of you and thought it deserved it's own post because it's that good.
Remember the Clare Vivier clutch I was yearning for in this post? WELL, I was about to give up my search and almost caved in buying that fabulous clutch UNTIL, I stumbled across a more budget friendly option on Etsy that, in my opinion, is equally as fabulous. This gem was found through Malibu Bows and arrived three days after ordering it.

First off, the clutch I ordered came in this absolutely adorable packaging. I love receiving gifts [from myself] in the mail but they're even more fun to open if they're wrapped in a bow.
Then I unwrapped it...

Pure perfection. 
Goose bumps.
I'm in love.
I mean, you really can't beat the quality of this for $55. It's difficult to find leopard print anything that doesn't look cheesy when it's supposed to look like actual hair. Malibu Bows is on point.
But wait-- it gets better.
They threw in a free surprise gift which is pictured below.
 How cute is that?! Perfect for storing some red lipstick for a night out. Hiiiyooo!
 Moving on, I actually think I prefer this clutch over the Clare Vivier because it's [real] leather, which I love the smell of, plus a lot of the time I carry my clutch under my arm. If this clutch was all hair, I feel like it might start to get messed up from rubbing against my body. Know what I mean?
I chose the lighter version with a black leather backing. I thought it would photograph better and that the lighter color will easily work in the summer months as well as fall/winter. 

You can find this fabulous clutch plus so many more amazing and affordable options here.

>> This is not a sponsored post, I just believe that exceptional costumer service should be recognized :)


  1. its looks just like Clare this!

    XO Meghan


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